10 Year-End To-Do Items For IT Leaders

Posted: December 27, 2012

It's that time of year when everyone is scurrying to wrap up the last steps of projects.

According to, Information Week there are ten task items for IT leaders as 2012 comes to an end.  For senior IT managers, here's a quick list of things to do before the new year.

1. Vacation Overlaps.
2. Batch Cycles.
3a. Feedback For Your Team.
3b. More Feedback For Your Team.
4. Gain New Insights.
5. Start Out Proactively.
6. Allocate Time For Your Customers.
7. Thank Your Admin.
8. Thank Your Sponsors.
9. Get Ready To Recruit And Retain.
10. Take Time For Yourself And Your Family.

It is important for IT staff to feel they are a part of your company.  Many times IT staff are only contacted when there is a problem.  Whether your IT staff is in house or outsourced, now is a good time to thank them for all of their hard work.