12 Common Project Management Mistakes

Posted: October 04, 2012

Learn how to avoid them

Are you planning any IT projects?  If so, you may want to read this article.  Click here to read the article. According to, CIO.com, there are 12 common project management mistakes:

  1. Not Assigning the Right Person to Manage the Project
  2. Failing to Get Everyone on the Team Behind the Project
  3. Not Getting Executive Buy-in
  4. Putting Too Many Projects Into Production at Once
  5. Lack of (Regular) Communication/Meetings
  6. Not Being Specific Enough with the Scope/Allowing the Scope to Frequently Change
  7. Providing Aggressive/Overly Optimistic Timelines
  8. Not Being Flexible
  9. Not Having a System in Place for Approving and Tracking Changes
  10. Micromanaging Projects
  11. Expecting Software to Solve All Your Project Management Issues
  12. Not Having a Metric for Defining Success

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