12 industry disaster scenarios

Posted: October 17, 2012

InfoWorld published an article about scenarios that may occur in the information technology industry that could be disastrous. Changes in the economy & regulations are greatly affecting businesses.

InfoWorld published an interesting article titled 12 industry disaster scenarios.  The 12 scenarious are:

  1. Patent pools accelerate without government opposition
  2. We're right about Windows 8
  3. Linus Torvalds is hit by a bus
  4. Legislation against municipal fiber is enacted
  5. Oracle buys MongoDB; IBM buys Couchbase
  6. Applesoft
  7. Oracle starts charging for the JDK
  8. Oracle buys Red Hat
  9. New draconian copyright legislation is enacted
  10. The NYSE gets hacked
  11. Monster cloud outage
  12. The bad guys win the war on general-purpose computing

Which scenario do you think is most likely?