2 Cloud Computing Era Myths Debunked

Posted: September 17, 2012

Do you want to learn more about cloud computing services? There are tons of cloud providers so it is important to be prepared to ask the right questions.

Article after article is written on cloud computing. For the average reader it is difficult to determine what fact versus myth is in article. The article, 2 Cloud Computing Era Myths Debunked sheds some light on two cloud myths. The article states: "Myth #1: Configuring enterprise applications--whether deployed on-premises or accessed in the cloud--is easy, which is far from true even if it's easier than customizing an application. Myth 2: You can't customize cloud-based apps."  If you want to learn more about The Cloud fill free to contact us.

Information technology is merely a tool to facilitate the automation of processes, creation of economies of scale, and increasing capacity.  It is important to fully understand your infrastructure and the cloud services you are considering.  Migrating your infrastructure to a hosted platform is a huge feat that requires extensive due diligence and project management.  The cloud is not right for everyone so you need to ensure that you do your homework.

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