7 deadly sins of cloud computing

Posted: January 09, 2013

Increasing your use of cloud computing? Great! Making these common security mistakes? Not great!

There are so many cloud computing service providers.  It is important to understand the cloud and the service provider.  According to CISCO and other security professionals there are 7 deadly sins of cloud computing:

  1. Failing to check IDs at the door
  2. Letting demands for (secure) APIs fall on deaf ears.
  3. Not keeping sufficient independence from cloud providers.
  4. Thinking you are outsourcing risk and accountability.
  5. Signing up cloud solutions without IT and security involvement.
  6. Overestimating cloud security
  7. Failing to understand the costs.

At iNSOL we offer fixed monthly rate cloud computing services that include:

  • Private, Secure Cloud Servers (hardware and software)
  • Cloud Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (back-ups)
  • Cloud Monitoring (24/7/365)

Call us at 770.458.8658 to learn how we can customize the right cloud computing service for you.

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