Business Continuity & IT Security

Posted: March 06, 2013

Are you prepared for a disaster? How secure is your IT? Do you test your business continuity/disaster recovery plan?

Business continuity is vital for success.  Clients must be able to access your services on-demand.  It is our opinion that two major downfalls of businesses are IT security breaches and outages.  Security breaches can damage a company’s reputation and can be very expensive to resolve.  There are so many free apps available for mobile devices.  Some examples of frequently used free apps are Dropbox, Box, YouSendIt, and Google Drive.  Mobile apps are a security nightmare for technology professionals.  In order to use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, individuals download free apps to view and edit documents from work.  Once corporate information is stored in mobile apps it is no longer protected. “According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, unauthorized disclosures of confidential information, whether from unsecured devices, leaky apps or poor cloud security, must be announced publicly if the information could affect a company’s stock price.”  Amazon stock dropped 2% by the close of trading to $265.50 after a 49 minute outage.  In addition, the 49 minute outage cost approximately $5.7 million in lost sales.  Contact us at for an assessment of your business continuity and IT security.