How Employees Put Your Data at Risk

Posted: August 07, 2013

Are you concerned about your company data? Learn how to reduce data security risks.

Data security is a continual risk for companies. recently published an article on employees creating data security risks.  According to the article, here are some of the reasons why employees circumvent IT security policies and procedures:

  • To circumvent file-size limits prescribed for work email
  • Third-party mail is faster and has fewer restrictions than corporate email tools
  • For use in their next place of employment
  • They find it difficult to connect to work email when outside of the office
  • IT doesn't monitor what they're sending via personal email

One of the biggest factors is the increased usage of mobile devices.  Some companies jumped on the BYOD bandwagon before they developed the appropriate policies and procedures to protect the company and the employees.  The availability of free technology is another issue.  For example, public cloud services.  According to the Fiberlink survey, 50 percent or more of people reported uploading sensitive data to cloud services like Dropbox and iCloud. 

Additional surveys indicate that employees transfer company data to USB drives, external hard drives, tablets, and mobile devices.  All of these situation create potential data security problems for the company.  Most of the time the information is never deleted and sometimes the devices are lost.  It is import to educate employees on dangers of data security breaches. 

If you are unsure whether or not your company is at risk, let iNSOL conduct an IT security audit.  We can determine potential threats, solutions, and assess your compliance with federal and state IT regulations.  Do not let IT security risks keep you up at night.  Our team is highly trained and is here to assist you.  Contact us at 770.458.8658 or