Malware Alert

Posted: November 08, 2013

Have you been infected by the CryptoLocker Malware? Do not let hackers hold you hostage.

The CryptoLocker malware has been creating havoc for many users.  This malware is particularly nasty because it encrypts your files.  The computer continues to work normally, but you do not have access to documents, photos, databases, etc.  The hackers demand a ransom of $300 to decrypt your files and only provides a 72 hour window before the decryption key is destroyed.  Below are stories from people infected by the malware:

“When we discovered the infection from a user’s workstation on the network, this program had encrypted over 180,000 files through the network shares in a period of 6 days. I pretty much shut down the business for 2 days after we realized what was happening.”

“Our company was infected this morning. The virus hit a machine 4 days ago and today we got the pop up about the ransom. All files on the network drive the user had access to are now encrypted.”

“We had a workstation get infected yesterday that encrypted everything on our network share drive. We had backups, although they weren’t recent enough, so despite all feelings against it, we paid the ransom and everything started to decrypt overnight.” 

Our IT engineers are experienced and have successfully remove this threat.  Contact the experts at iNSOL to remove the CryptoLocker malware from your computer,