Open vs. Closed: The Cloud Wars

Posted: October 09, 2012

Open vs. Closed Cloud Services is an ongoing debate. Both have pluses and minuses depending on the need. In general open products are not good for business environments. It is important to understand the cloud deployment models.

Open vs. Closed Cloud: The Cloud Wars is an article about an ongoing debate.  There are pluses and minuses of both solutions.  The article provides information on a discussion between Oracles’ Larry Ellison and Box’s Aaron Levie and their views on their cloud modules.  There are four main deployment models for cloud services:

  1. Private cloud
  2. Community cloud
  3. Public cloud
  4. Hybrid cloud

It depends on the purpose of your need for a cloud service.  For example, if you need a location to keep general information for projects then Google Drive is an option.  This allows a team to access the task list from any computer with an Internet connection.  Typically, this information is not sensitive either.  However, if you are editing an important merger and acquisition document placing it in a public cloud is not a good idea. 

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