Selecting the Right Enterprise Solution

Posted: July 31, 2013

The purpose of an enterprise solution is to provide integration across your business. This can be achieved through enterprise software and networking.

According to Wikipedia: "Enterprise software, also known as enterprise application software (EAS), is purposed-designed computer software used in the furtherance of the needs and objectives of the organizations; such purposes can vary widely as in a business, schools, interest-based user groups and clubs, retailers, or government, as opposed to software used by individuals. Enterprise software is an integral part of a (computer based) Information System, and as such includes web site software production."  There are several types of enterprise software such as: Accounting software, Business intelligence, Business process management, Content management system (CMS), Customer relationship management (CRM), Master data management (MDM), Enterprise resource planning (ERP), and Enterprise asset management (EAM).  In higher education, there is also Learning Management System (LMS) and Student Information System (SIS).  Some of these systems are silos and do not communicate with other software, which is vital to an organization.  It is important to determine the type of enterprise solution that your organization needs to ensure that all departments/offices are able to enter and obtain the data necessary to complete their tasks.

It is important to solicit the input from all of the people conducting day-to-day tasks to ensure the enterprise solution will include all the necessary features.  Developing data workflow charts can be helpful.  It is also important to analyze the need for integration across your organization.  The enterprise solution includes hardware and software which needs to be located in a redundant location that is accessible and secure.  It may be necessary to consult with an IT company to ensure you are progressing in the right direction.  Also, the IT company can assist with the designing and building of the network to support the enterprise solution.  You will also need to determine if you want the solution on-site or in the Cloud. 

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