The Disconnect Between IT and Everyone Else

Posted: January 23, 2013

Do you experience on-going issues with your IT department? Does it feel like there is a gap between your IT department and everyone else? This is a very common issue.

There are many articles written on the topic of disconnects between the information technology (IT) department and the test of the organization. As a company that provides a variety of a la carte to full service enterprise solutions, we see this issue frequently. Most of the time the IT department is completing their job requirements and the issue is communication. Most of the job requirements from the IT department focus on project management and implementation.  For example, the implementation of new software, email migration, increasing server storage capacity, etc.  Communication is the key to project management and implementation.

Most jobs possess terminology specific to their industry.  For example, accountants use terminology such as debits, credits, net assets, etc.  The IT department also possesses specific terminology that can create communication barriers.  It is important for the IT department to communicate in non-technical terms when reporting to their superiors, writing IT policies and procedures, and notifying users.  The technical jargon can be used in the site book and technical documentation. Below are some examples.


IT Department:  We will be increasing the RAM in the servers and virtualizing the hard drives this weekend.  This means that all systems will be down Friday at midnight until Sunday at noon.


Layman’s terms:  The IT department is working and we will not have access to anything work related including email.  Everything will be inaccessible from Friday to Sunday Friday at midnight until Sunday at noon.


In order, to bridge the gap, the organization must respect the IT department and the IT department must communicate clearly to the organization.  Our society is conditioned that we should have immediate access to everything at any moment.  This makes it virtually impossible for the IT department to satisfy users.  However, if the IT department communicates clearly and manages expectations appropriately harmony can be restored.  


Hopefully, it does not seem like we are singling out IT professionals.  We really appreciate the value they add to organizations.  It is our goal to come along slide them and provide additional support and expertise.  All positions have stereotypes and it is important to understand them and help each person involved to better understand themselves and each other.  Everyone must work as a team and sometimes it requires the perspective from a person outside of the organization.  


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