What is your mobile strategy? Everything seems to have gone mobile in our society.

Posted: April 17, 2013

First, have you thought about your mobile strategy? If not, you should have thought about it. Mobile technology should be part of your information technology (IT) strategic plan. Hopefully, you have an IT strategic plan. Do you have an app or want an

Consumers want to be able to access your products and services from their smartphones and tablets.  Therefore, you must adapt if you want to grow your business. Everything should stem from your strategic plan (business plan).  You can have a strategic plan that incorporates everything in one document or you can have separate plans for each area, but they need to be linked.  Of course, all of this is driven by the budget for each area.  Example areas that should be included in your strategic planning are: business goals and objectives, marketing, sales, information technology (IT), finances, etc.  We will focus on the IT strategy.

IT is the tool that facilitates business.  For instance, you communicate with your clients via your website, email, social media, etc.  All of which are facilitated by IT.  You used your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to complete each of those actions.  Therefore, it is important to ensure that your IT infrastructure is setup properly, maintained, and always accessible.  In today’s society, users expect your products and services to be accessible whether they are trying to access them at 8:00 AM or 11:00 PM. 

Mobile was a trend and now it is mainstream.  It should be part of every business’ strategic plan.  You must have a strategy in order for mobile to propel your business forward.  Many companies simply created apps to have one.  Over time, this mentality is extremely expensive.  Each item in your strategic plan should be associated with a line item in your budget.  InformationWeek published a good article summary on the mobile strategy most people follow, which is incorrect.

If you want assistance with your mobile strategy or IT strategic plan, contact iNSOL.  We can work with you to develop and implement these strategies.  Our goal is to partner with you so you can focus on your core competencies.  iNSOL’s core competency is everything IT. 

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